Why India might not have good doctors in future ?

The increasing mistrust, falling respect, poor pay scales and increasing violence might prevent good doctors to stay in India in future.

india no good doctors future

India : Country not good for doctors

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Author: Dr Nilesh Nolkha, Rheumatologist

Dr Nilesh Nolkha is a young and dynamic rheumatologist who keeps patients interests at forefront of everything he does.

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30 thoughts on “Why India might not have good doctors in future ?

  • After seeing all the mistrust and arrogant rules imposed on doctors I have decided to get my two sons to do anything but to be doctors
    You doctors decide whether you want to put your children at risj

  • What on earth are you talking about ? I have many relatives who are docs with age around 35 driving Audi. Their family didn’t have money to send shoes with son or daughter to school and they are self made. Money will come. Stop blowing it up. We are still middle class being engineers.

    • Dear Kim, it’s not about the money. You spend your entire youth on being a successful doctor. The money you earn is after humongous stress. For e.g. : We spend sleepless nights over one serious patient. But, you know, what really drives a doctor ? Its respect and that seems to be dwindling.

      My whole point is that you can get much more money with respect and without fear, with much lesser stress in outside countries. Most brilliant docs I know, dont want to stay in India. Don’t equate rich docs with being brilliant. Yes, you will have rich doctors in India in future, but I am not sure about the good ones. That’s what I am trying to say. I never said that doctors don’t earn in India.

  • I am glad both my children have chosen other professions.
    India doesn’t want good, ethical, honest doctors. Intimidation and hooliganism has killed the compassion, empathy, humanity needed in the profession. It is sad…..
    An entire nation is at war with its healers!

  • I am a neurosurgeon and my wife is cardiologist. we have one kid and he does not want to became a doctor as he has seen our very stressfull life and pt relative creating problems every day.

  • If I may also add my comments. One possible solution to this problem can be conducting seminars inviting people to actually spend a day with a doctor. The time period can be extended to one week if he can’t understand still.

    • I am not sure. The mistrust against us is too high.

      It’s not like our community is not at fault. I do feel that most Indian doctors do not give enough time to their patients. Counselling patients well might go a long way in building the trust. But, if you become too good to a patient, everybody wants you to treat them for free.

      We, however, bear the misgivings far more than we deserve. Indian government with one of the lowest expenditure on health in the world, leaves the doctors to bear the brunt of all the rage of their misgivings.

  • Very true sir ….. the nation it seems doesn’t need doctors anymore….. the softest target we have become , the punching bag of the society…… I wud never want my progeny to undertake the mistake that my dad and I did…..

    • I am not underestimating the next generation. Its a fact that most talented doctors with great potential don’t want to practice in this country. We are having a large brain drain, because of people’s attitude towards doctors. The problem is that India is one of the countries with very low expenditure on health and then government expects doctors to be charitable. Most countries have government funding good charitable health.The huge mistrust and increasing violence is already making doctors think to go to a country with better pay and respect Yes, you will have good doctors in future, but in far lesser numbers.

  • Its true….i m a doctor and most of my friends who were good in academics have chosen not to stay in india…..
    Reservations…politics..at workplace..all leads to malpractise…
    Go and analyse urself…all senior positions in govt hospitals are held by people with reservations….and this will only get worse in future

  • Very true. I am a doc and how I remember when my father who is a doc too advised against the same and wanted me to be a lawyer. I didn’t want to fight for a criminal in my life and so I begged him for also chance to be a dic as I thought of the respect he had. Now I see lawyers Fighting for a terrorist and become a hero and when a colleague of mine gets beaten to pulp when a mob decided that it was his fault that a superspecialist was not available in the hospital he was working in. My father never did private practice and served people and so at 38 ,I don’t have my own home, I take care of all ill people but don’t have time for my own dead or dying, no holiday, no Sundays, no family life. Fully support the author.

    • I agree, people just see the cream of doctors, doing good at an advanced age.They just don’t realize the agony we go through. On top of that, they bad mouth and beat us. I am astonished every day by people’s misjudgments against doctors. It’s appalling that most of your relatives feel the same way against doctors.

  • My maternal grand mother was a mid wife and she served in many small villages and towns. She was respected and loved by most of then according to my mother. My sister is a neurosurgeon earning a good name and respect in her field. My daughter is now pursuing medicine I know all the hardships involved but still I believe she will follow her passion to become a good doctor and be worthy of the respect the profession deserves

    • I am passionate enough to continue in India sir. I am currently in Uk, but I still have all plans to come to India. I still am optimistic of the whole situation. I myself have many patients who feel indebted. But, I know for a fact that, brilliant people have got better calling and opportunities in foreign land. I will probably still advise my kids to pursue medicine if they want to and help their own country in all possible ways. But, we are getting a large brain drain because of worsening situation.

  • I think it’s medical terrorism where people bully, abuse and threaten doctors. Have told my son to be anything but a doctor and enjoy his life! Not worth it being a doctor in India.

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